We are raising funds for our market’s next big purchase: full-size tablecloths for all tables. Vendors are welcome to use their own tablecloths if they prefer. This initiative aims to enhance the overall appearance of our events, making them look cleaner and more professional. Plus, there will be no charge for vendors who choose to use these new tablecloths.

50/50 Details:

-2 Prizes will be up for grabs, 50% of the money raised or 1 Year of FREE Market Events. First place winner chooses which prize they prefer. The Free table will be an 8ft table on the main floor along the wall for all the 2025 market events. Second place gets the remaining prize.

-Draw date will be Sunday, July 7th. Last date to purchases tickets will be Saturday, July 6th. All participants must be 19 years or older.

Ballot Options

– 3 Ballots for $10

– 10 Ballots for $20

– 30 Ballots for $30

Ballots can be purchases online (see below) or by sending payment via EMT to info@curtsgeneral.ca please ensure you include your name, phone number and that the money is for the 50/50

Image is for illustration purposes, table clothes may vary slightly based on what is available in bulk.

Current Jackpot: $780

(Winner Gets Half)

Thank you for participating in our fundraiser:

-Mathieu L.

-Nathalie B.



-Dawn K.

-Darlene C.

-Marisa A.


-Kathy F.

-Rhea M.

-Kim Y.

-Alyssa R

-Wanda B

-Charlene F

-Maegan M

-Charlene K.

-Susan R.

-Danielle M.

-Chris A

-Caitlin H