Join The Fun at Curt’s General Market Events

Hosted at Riverview Lions Club. 701 Coverdale Rd, Riverview, NB.

Why Curt’s General Market Events?

Participating in Curt’s Market Events offers small businesses strategic advantages. Our events provide direct interaction with potential customers, allowing businesses to showcase products or services effectively. Face-to-face connections facilitate relationship building, feedback gathering, and community presence. They also offer a cost-effective way to test new markets and gauge interest without long-term commitments.

Moreover, the collaborative atmosphere fosters networking among local entrepreneurs, potentially leading to partnerships and business growth. Participation in our events creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity around products or services, driving sales.

Why Supporting Small Businesses Is So Important:

Supporting small businesses is vital for community and economic well-being. They are key to job creation, driving local employment opportunities and fostering stability. Small businesses also fuel innovation and market diversity, offering unique products and healthy competition.

When you support small businesses, you directly contribute to local growth. They often source locally, benefiting other small enterprises and strengthening community bonds. Additionally, small businesses provide personalized service, building trust and loyalty with customers. Choosing to support small businesses helps build resilient and vibrant communities, ensuring a sustainable and diverse economic future.

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Our Motto: “Shop Small, Support Big Dreams!”